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  • Milo Minderbinder
    Milo Minderbinder Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni (Season 8, Episode 5)

    In Rome, Endora brings a statue of Venus to life to tempt Darrin.
    • 12 hours ago
    • Milo Minderbinder
      HypnoMedia Venus is played by Francine York, who also played the (very yummy) stage hypnotist in the episode "Sleep of Reason" of Petrocelli.
      • 6 hours ago
    • Milo Minderbinder
      Yoohoo992299 Yoohoo992299 And also Miss Lidia Limpet who always chooses books that put the reader to sleep!
      • 6 hours ago
  • Anil Joshi
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  • Shelle Rivers
    Shelle Rivers posted a new item in marketplace:
    Sissy Maid
    • Tue at 8:04 PM
  • Miss Quinn
    Miss Quinn
    • Tue at 6:26 PM
  • Milo Minderbinder
    Milo Minderbinder Cathy Lee Crosby in  "The Youth Killer" episode of "Kolchak: The NIght Stalker".  She plays  an ageless Helen of Troy who maintains her youth and beauty by sacrificing young men and women to ancient Greek gods.
    • Tue at 6:18 AM
  • Kelly
    Kelly Hello everyone, hope you all are doing great. Sorry I haven't posted lately been working a lot of overtime at work. Hope you all have a awesome memorial day weekend, in case I can't log on this weekend.
    • Tue at 4:12 AM
  • Goddess Hilary Blaze
  • Mistress Dark Freya
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    Lez Cuck
    • Mon at 11:38 PM
  • Lady Inamorata
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  • GoddessLycia
    GoddessLycia posted a new item in marketplace:
    Goddess Worship Doctrine
    • Mon at 7:03 PM
  • S.B.
    S.B. One of my recent pieces. Enjoy.
    • Mon at 8:08 AM
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  • Shelle Rivers
    Shelle Rivers posted a new item in marketplace:
    Behavioral Conditioning - Amnesia
    • Mon at 12:48 AM
  • Miss Quinn
    Miss Quinn Got to have two sessions with two different clients where I got to be both subject and hypnotist! Great day :)
    • May 20
  • Femdom Hypnotist FHRA
    Femdom Hypnotist FHRA Check out Hypnotist Jennifer at http://www.fdhypnovideo.com
    • May 20
  • Miss Quinn
    Miss Quinn So I’m wondering... does anyone know any other good websites or groups for hypnotists to be involved in?
    • May 19